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CAS Registry number= 120-82-13 records found
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#CASSubstance common nameReliability scoreSpeciesSpecies sex,M/F/MF/ndFish weight,gFish length,cmFish ageTemperature,CpHTOC,mg/Lflow-through/static/renewal,S/FT/R/ndExposure concentration,mg/Lfresh/marinek1,d-1Uptake phase duration1,dk2,d-1Elimination phase duration,dT95,dT80,dUptake>T80,y/n/probT50,elimElimination>5xT50,y/n/probTissue analyzedBCFss ww, Cf/Cw (L/kg)BCFss lipid,Cf lipid/Cw (L/kg)BCFk ww,k1/k2BCFk lipid,BCFk ww/lipid%Lipid,%Lipid methodStatisticsReferenceRemarksReason for reliability 3/4
1120-82-11,2,4-trichlorobenzene2Poecilia reticulata
MF0.48nd1-1.5 y20-227.8-8.2ndFT0.2freshwater49216.90.4956.122448983.265306122yes1.414285714nowhole body1139nd1004.081633ndndndBCF=Cf/Cw at steady state; first order kinetic model[224] van Eck JMC, Koelmans AA Deneer JW. Uptake and elimination of 1,2,4-trichlorobenzene in the guppy (poecilia reticulata) at sublethal and lethal aqueous concentrations. 1997; 34, (1): 2259-2270.
2120-82-11,2,4-trichlorobenzene2Jordanella floridae
(American flagfish)
M2.3nd 4-6 months25ndndFT0.0038freshwater1158280.57145.2631578952.807017544yes1.215789474nowhole body2026177502031.57894717805.2493211.41Bigh and Dyer method (1959), but without storage over phosphorus pentoxideEvaluation performed with BIOFAC computer program, non linear curve fitting program.(Assumption: one-compartment, first-order kinetics model)[81] Smith AD, Bharath A Mallard C Orr D McCarty LS Ozburn GW. Bioconcentration kinetics of some chlorinated benzenes and chlorinated phenols. 1990; 20, (3-4): 379-386. Characteristics of the solution are reported elsewhere (Smith et al.)
3120-82-11,2,4-trichlorobenzeneMITICyprinus carpio
(common carp)
ndndndndndndndnd0,005-0,05freshwaternd42ndndndndndndndwhole body1320ndndndndnd[MITI] MITI database