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Species=Lepomis macrochirus1 records found
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#CASSubstance common nameReliability scoreSpeciesSpecies sex,M/F/MF/ndFish weight,gFish length,cmFish ageTemperature,CpHTOC,mg/Lflow-through/static/renewal,S/FT/R/ndExposure concentration,mg/Lfresh/marinek1,d-1Uptake phase duration1,dk2,d-1Elimination phase duration,dT95,dT80,dUptake>T80,y/n/probT50,elimElimination>5xT50,y/n/probTissue analyzedBCFss ww, Cf/Cw (L/kg)BCFss lipid,Cf lipid/Cw (L/kg)BCFk ww,k1/k2BCFk lipid,BCFk ww/lipid%Lipid,%Lipid methodStatisticsReferenceRemarksReason for reliability 3/4
185-68-7benzyl butyl phthalate2Lepomis macrochirus
(bluegill sunfish)
nd9.7264nd228.23ndFT0.034freshwaternd3.27nd0ndndndndndwhole body12.4ndndnd7.9ndBioconcentration was determined as BCFss = Cf/Cw[207] Carr KH, Coyle GT Kimerle RA. Bioconcentration of [14C]Butyl benzyl phthalate in bluegill sunfish (Lepomis macrochirus). 1997; 16, (10): 2200-2203. Not all details on water quality were reported. No elimination phase, but evidence that equilibrium was reached. No series of fish sampling during exposure performed (only at termination of exposure).