Cefic, the European chemical industry council, has launched its new AMBIT chemical safety prediction tool, an open source software programme for companies to enable them to enhance their chemical safety compliance efforts.

The LRI AMBIT Read across tool

The LRI AMBIT-IUCLID tool is loaded with REACH data subject to the legal notice. Substance composition and IUCLID import is supported. The comprehensive search functionality allowing structure search, substructure search, and similarity search even in databases not designed for, such as IUCLID, in order to find substances appropriate for read-across and category approaches. It also enables the inclusion of impurities (important in real industrial conditions) in substance search requests. User interface for creating read across assessment and generating reports is available in online and downloadable versions.

Watch below the videos with the CEFIC LRI workshop presentations:

AMBIT User guide

Nanomaterials database


AMBIT REST web services are distributed as web archive (war file) and can be deployed in an Apache Tomcat application server or any other compatible servlet container. Download and install your own AMBIT instance :

Quick Start

Free registration

Private assessments. The assessments are only visible to the owner by default, read/write access for other users are explicitly assigned. AMBIT uses role based access control.

Structure search, Chemical substances, Endpoint search, Toxtree predictions

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Last Published: 2018-05-16.