Provides access to OpenTox algorithms. There are several algorithm services, developed by different OpenTox partners. List of algorithms can be retrieved by HTTP GET operation at http://host:port/algorithm.

Documentation, Representation, Examples

An OpenTox Algorithm resource is an instance of class ot:Algorithm, a subclass of ot:OpentoxResource.

As it can be notices, there are multiple kinds of algorithms, some are descriptor calculation algorithms, and others provide access to different machine learning procedures or data preprocessing. The representation of algorithms is again defined by Opentox ontology, where all algorithms are subclass of ot:Algorithm.

Algorithm name is defined by dc:title (Dublin Core namespace). Parameters, supported by the algorithm are specified via object property ot:parameters and should be of class ot:Parameter (as defined in opentox.owl). These entries serve as a information what parameters are required in order to run the algorithm, the values itself should be provided by the client when initiating the calculations via POST. Algorithm types are distinguished by means of Algorithm types ontology.

Algorithm types ontology is available at and provides a hierarchical classification of algorithm types. Algorithm type in RDF representation is set by direct subclassing (rdf:type) of a class from the algorithm types ontology (ota: ) , e.g. myalgorithm rdf:type ota:Classification, Example 21.

Algorithm types ontology can be used to query algorithms of specific type, via OpenTox Ontology service

Descriptor calculation Classification Regression Expert rules Applicability domain

  • Example 1. Retrieve list of all algorithm URIs at IdeaConsult algorithm service :
    curl -H "Accept:text/uri-list"
  • Example 3. Retrieve list of all algorithm URIs at NTUA algorithm service
    curl -H "Accept:text/uri-list"
    • Example4. Retrieve a representation of a descriptor calculation algorithm
      curl -H "Accept:text/uri-list"
      @prefix ot:      <> .
      @prefix dc:      <> .
      @prefix ota:     <> .
      @prefix otee:    <> .
      @prefix bx:      <> .
      @prefix dcterms:  <> .
      @prefix rdfs:    <> .
      @prefix bo:      <> .
      @prefix bo1:     <> .
      @prefix owl:     <> .
      @prefix xsd:     <> .
      @prefix rdf:     <> .
            a       owl:Class .
            a       owl:AnnotationProperty .
            a       owl:AnnotationProperty .
            a       owl:AnnotationProperty .
            a       owl:AnnotationProperty .
            a       ot:Algorithm , ota:DescriptorCalculation ;
            dc:publisher ""^^xsd:anyURI ;
            dc:title "XLogP"^^xsd:string ;
            bo:instanceOf bo:xlogP .
            a       owl:AnnotationProperty .
            a       owl:Class .
            a       owl:AnnotationProperty .
            a       owl:Class .

    The algorithm resource is declared as an instance of bo:instanceOf a xlogP algorithm, declared in the BlueObelisk ontology The BlueObelisk ontology provides details of the algorithm itself, e.g. publication reference.

    The BlueObelisk ontology can be queried via Ontology service.

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Last Published: 2018-01-11.