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Authentication and authorisation

AMBIT supports three modes for defining users and assigning access rights.

  • OpenTox AA

  • Local users database

  • Read only, one admin user

The configuration file config.prop is found at


An example configuration file

OpenTox AA

Set aa.enabled=true to enable OpenTox Authentication and Authorisation. In this mode the user management and access control is handled by OpenTox Authentication and Authorization service which relies on a customized OpenAM.

This mode enables federated authentication and authorisation.

Read only, one admin user

Set aa.local.enabled=true to switch to this mode.

All resources are publicly readable, an user name and password is required for importing data or running calculations (HTTP POST, PUT, DELETE are protected via HTTP BASIC scheme). The user and password are defined in the and aa.local.admin.pass properties.

This mode is mostly useful for testing or quickly setting up a read only AMBIT instance.

Local users database

Set aa.db.enabled to true to enable users from the AMBIT local users database. This feature is introduced since AMBIT 2.5.5.

  • IMPORTANT: ambit_users database should exist at

  • Note: If you have renamed ambit2.war and the application URL is e.g. http://host:port/myservice instead of http://host:port/ambit2 ,please change the content of the prefix column in the ambit_users.policy table.

use ambit_users;
update policy set prefix="/myservice";

There is an user management user interface.

The eMail notification settings are introduced since AMBIT 2.5.5. The eMail server is used to send confirmation emails to newly registered users, as well as confirmations for password resets. Please define a valid SMTP server.

The enableEmailVerification option is introduced since
AMBIT 2.5.8. With email verification disabled anybody could register a new user; however the user status have to be changed to confirmed by an admin through the user management page.

Since ambit2 schema 8.6 and ambit_users schema 2.3 the tables may be imported into one common database.

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Last Published: 2018-01-11.