A prototype web application that accepts chemical structures and identifiers as input and automatically generates a toxicity report based on several remote OpenTox toxicity models. Developed by Ideaconsult Ltd. in the framework of OpenTox project.

Uses AMBIT REST Web services, as well as several remote OpenTox API compliant web services.

ToxPredict web application.

Please note: You can use ToxPredict online, without installing any software locally. The only requirement is a recent Web Browser, supporting JavaScript, and Java enabled, in order to use the structure diagram editor.

Proceed with the download, only if you would like to install a local version of ToxPredict.

Download ToxPredict

Web application archive


Copy ToxPredict.war under webapps directory of the servlet container. The application should be accessible at


ToxPredict depends on AMBIT REST services and Ontology service installed and properly configured. ToxPredict retrieves the list of QSAR models from the preconfigured Ontology service.

ToxPredict can be configured to work with any combination of these services installed on the same or on a remote machine.

ToxPredict is configured to expect AMBIT2 services at http://localhost:8080/ambit2 and Ontology service at http://localhost:8080/ontology.

After deployment to the servlet container, this can be changed by editing the configuration file:


The configuration is essential for ToxPredict functioning properly, as it communicates to ambit2.war and ontology.war via OpenTox API only, and does not use direct connection to the database.

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Last Published: 2018-01-11.