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This is multi module maven project.

Build ambit2-all

Retrieve sources from SVN svn checkout svn:// ambit-all cd ambit2-all mvn package -DskipTests=true

The build process includes mandatory database tests and may take a while. Use -DskipTests=true option to skip the tests.

  • Database configuration

The test database ambit-test must exist before the running the tests. Use the following MySQL commands to create and set rights.

create database `ambit-test` character set utf8;
GRANT ALL ON `ambit-test`.* TO 'guest'@'localhost' IDENTIFIED BY 'guest';
  • Maven profile

The database name and the user are set via Maven profile, e.g. there should be “settings.xml” file in your “.m2” directory with the following minimal configuration:

<settings xmlns=""

	<!-- the database name, default ambit2  -->

	<!-- database user password and name -->

Build ambit2-apps

AMBIT REST web services and standalone applications:

cd ambit2-apps
mvn clean buildnumber:create package -P http -P ambit-release -P aa-enabled -P aa-admin-disabled  -DskipTests=true

See ambit2-all/ambit2-apps/README.txt for options


svn checkout toxtree 
mvn install

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Last Published: 2018-01-11.